Tuesday, 27 October 2009

To be reviewed, or not to be reviewed. That is the question.

Why would someone ask people to submit their books for a free review, and then not give each book the time it deserves.
If the person is not going to give their full attention to a book why bother in the first place? Or if they find themselves inundated with books from authors keen to have our work reviewed. Why not just get in touch with the authors and explain that there are a lot of books to read, and so it will take longer than expected.
I would rather that, than read a review of my book that is at worst inept and at best moderately encouraging.
To me it was blatantly obvious that the reviewer did not read the book properly. In fact they admitted at the time, they were trying to read and review two books at the same time. Personally I don't think that was fare to either the books or the authors. We invest a lot of time and love into our writing.

Am I annoyed? you bet I am. I honestly don't expect everyone who reads my books to like them. But I do hope they will actually read and review them fairly.
Is this reviewer saying that they are right and that every other readers positive review is wrong, I don't think so.

One conciliation I suppose, is that all reviews whether good or bad, can be helpful. Because in many cases people will buy the book just to see if they agree with the bad review. I know myself if a new film is slated by the critiques I will go and see it anyway. And more often than not I love it, and I find most of my friends are much the same.

Those who review aren't always right, after all it is just their personal opinion. And thank goodness they don't always have the last word.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Kindness and Trust

Sometimes people we meet can be so kind. I have already mentioned our holiday visit to the exquisite village of Boughten-on the-Water. As we walked around enjoying ourselves, we came across a small christian bookshop. So we went in and had a look around.

I have had some book marks made, to promote my new book 'Valley of Shadows.' I try to make sure I always have some on me to give away. So I went to the lady who ran the shop and offered her a couple, she was delighted and very interested. We had a long chat, I told her about my books and she asked me to send her a copy of them both.
She will read them and then have some from me to sell and promote them for me.

As we were talking she told me about a writer she felt I would like and gave me a copy of the book. I offered to pay for it but she insisted I take it, trusting that I would send my books to her, which I most certainly will.
I was quite overcome by her kindness and trust, it's the sort of experience that restores ones faith in human nature. I don't believe in coincidences, this was a Divine appointment and a day I shall not forget and who knows what may come it?

Model Village

While we were on holiday we visited a very pretty village called Boughten-on-the-Water in Gloucestershire.

They have a model village which is a replica of the real place, it was very good. I love model villages, I like to imagine there are tiny people living in the houses and perhaps coming out at night when all the visitors have gone. Okay so I have a vivid imagination !

Anyway here are some photos in case any one is interested.

Write a book in a month !!

I think November is going to be a very challenging month, perhaps daunting would be a better word. I have committed myself to try and write a novel of fifty thousands words before the month rushes to its end, Help !!
But I have to say I am quite excited and feel reasonably optimistic. And at least I will not be alone, as I think the whole world is doing it as well, have we all gone mad?

However I look upon it as an opportunity to discipline myself and write the sequel to my first novel 'Through a Glass Darkly,' it is something I have wanted to do for a while. The thought of meeting up again with the hero of my book Stagman, spurs me on.
So at the moment I am busy with plots and characters in readiness to start writing. My only concern is the need I have to do corrections and changes as I write. I am going to find it a struggle just to go for it and ignore all the mistakes. But I think it will be good for me, as I have never written with spontaneity and abandon before. But like every one else in Nov this is what I shall have to do.