Friday, 8 May 2009

Quintessentially English

We drove to Devon last week for a short break away. As we traveled down the M5, I watched the countryside flashing past and thought to myself, there really is nowhere more lovely in early spring than England.
The trees with their tender young leaves, and the fields looking lush and green, sparkled like an emerald jewel in the warm sunshine. Every where I looked the landscape appeared fresh and new. In most of the Fields we passed, young lambs were skipping about and playing together.
I felt hope and optimism rising within me, and for awhile at least, it was as if anything was possible. The darkness and gloom that has pervaded the country, was for a brief time at least dispelled.
Eventually we reached our destination, the village of Branscomb. It was bathed in afternoon sunshine and looked lovely as always, and so quintessentially English.
The house we stay in is gorgeous, and at the back of it, there is a pleasant walk down to the sea. Across from the house is a pretty thatched tea room, which used to be the village bakery, but is now owned by the National Trust. The food is good, and the obligatory cream tea is delicious. The scones are homemade and huge, they melt in the mouth. I have to say, they serve the best cream tea I have tasted.
As always we enjoyed our stay, and have returned home, with our batteries recharged, and ready to get on with life. In my case, preparing to promote my soon to be published book 'Valley of Shadows.'