Monday, 15 February 2010

A Tragic Vision

Once a week my mother and I would pray together. During one of these prayer times God gave me a powerful vision.
If you have ever watched something like a royal wedding you will know there is always a commentator who explains what is happening, who every one is, what they are wearing and so on.
Well this is what it was like for me, I was the commentator speaking out the vision as it happened and it was not easy as I was overcome with Godly sorrow. I had to try and explain what I was seeing through my tears, it was so hard.
My mother was was as distressed as myself. Afterwards she told me that as I was speaking she could see and feel as I did.
This is what I saw and I really believe it is a vision for the days we are in now, it has never left

I was at the back of a huge glorious cathedral with a fair sized congregation sitting in the pews, their eyes glued to the front of the church.
At the alter there were three priests dressed in sumptuous clothes with mitres on their heads, waving incense around. However, like the congregation I only saw their backs.
On the right hand side of the building was a small wooden door. It opened and a man dressed in sack cloth entered. Instantly I knew it was Jesus.
Slowly He began to walk up and down every pew, tearfully calling each person to follow Him, it broke my heart as I watched. Most ignored Him their faces frozen, their eyes glued to the front of the church, their only interest the three priests ministering at the alter.
By the time Jesus had walked up and down all the pews, He was at the back of the church with just a handful of people who had followed Him.
I watched as He walked slowly down the centre isle followed by the few who had responded to His call. He turned right towards the small door He had entered through. As His hand reached out to open it, instantly His appearance changed. Gone the humble sack cloth. Now He was glorious and awesome, shinning with holy splendour. By this time I was struggling to keep going, I was in bits as I tried to explain what I was seeing.
Jesus left the building followed by His little flock and the door closed.

I then looked to the front of the church, the three priests turned around and faced the remaining congregation, and to my horror, it really did shock me, all three priests where skeletons.
I then found myself looking down on the church from the outside and I could see it was not a glorious building at all, but a ruin, It had no roof, the windows were broken, and everyone in it was dead.
It is a vision that will never leave me, and I feel it is a warning to us all. God is calling His true followers out, calling them to follow Him. The Christian walk is not about religiosity, tradition and ceremony. It is about Love, Truth and the Lordship of Jesus Christ and our relationship with Him.
The Bible speaks of remnants, let us all pray that as we seek Him and stay close to Him, we will be a part of that remnant.