Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Making Of A Prophet.

Prophecy is a subject close to my heart. Many times during my Christian walk I have been privileged to hear from God. At times what He said was for my own personal growth. Whereas on other occasions His words were to be shared for the edification of the church.
Do I have a prophetic gifting? Yes I humbly believe I do.

So when I received this paperwork on 'The Making Of A Prophet' written by T . Austin-Sparks
I decided it was well worth sharing. What he says is so true and it is something I have felt strongly about for some time.

Part 1

Prophetic ministry is not something you can take up. It is something that you are. No academy can make you a prophet.
Samuel instituted the school of the prophets.....But there is a great deal of difference between those academic prophets and the living anointed prophets.
The academic prophets became members of a profession and swiftly degenerated into something unworthy. All the false prophets came from schools of prophets and were accepted publicly on that ground. They had been to college and were accepted. But they were false prophets. Going to a religious college does not of itself make you a prophet of God.

My point is this- the identity of the vessel with its ministry is the very heart of Divine thought.
A man is called to represent the thoughts of God, to represent them in what he is, not in something that he takes up as a form or line of ministry, not in something that he does.
The vessel itself is the ministry and you cannot divide between the two.