Monday, 28 February 2011


Trees are beautiful, and so diverse. From them we receive oxygen, shelter, wood for homes, furnishings and so much more.
Some grow quickly, some more slowly. There are those which are shallow rooted and others with deep roots, equal to the size of their topmost branches. What is below, shadows what can be seen above.

There is a Chinese tree, that comes from a very small seed. When planted, for four years all that can be seen is a tiny sprig and bud.
However, in the fifth year, it suddenly grows eighty feet.
In those four years, it has been putting down an incredible root system, strong enough to support its amazing growth.

We too must be patient and make sure we are firmly planted in the word of God. The seed of life.

The trees with the deepest roots and the most flexible trunks are those which survive the storms of life.

Patience is maturity.

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